Kronenberger Rosenfeld

As the nation's leading internet law firm, Kronenberger Rosenfeld is at the center of the fastest-moving and most consequential legal issues today. We worked with them to update their brand, including photography, messaging, and visual identity, and built a site that both educates the visitor and provides consistent, well-matched leads for the firm.

Transom did wonders for our law firm. The new branding they developed for us was not only beautiful, but it was developed methodically through research, interviews with our clients, and general business strategy development. The great thing about the branding is that it has helped us scale both the quality of our clients and our revenue.

—Karl Kronenberger, Partner
In addition to over 40 specialized practice areas, Kronenberger boasts an expansive archive of informative blog posts, as well as multiple in-depth guides on pertinent legal issues. This wealth of content requires swift and intelligent search capability, which we provided through the Algolia search service. This service allows for predictive, corrective, and near instantaneous search results.