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Architecture, Design & Development

Graphite Design Group

For a relatively young agency (formed in 2013) Graphite boasts an impressive list of projects and clients. This is due in part to the vast experience of the founding partners, but also to their particular attention to the working relationship they have with their clients. We worked with Graphite to design a site that showcased their work, told their story, and updated and expanded their visual identity.

Services Provided

"As a design practice ourselves, we understand the importance of listening to one’s client and understanding their vision and values. Throughout the development of Graphite’s new website Transom did this with great care, taking the time to get to know leadership, our team, and the message and aesthetic we desired our website intended to convey. What seemed dauting at first quickly became an accessible, collaborative process, the result of which is a product that compellingly reflects Graphite principals and vision." — Peter Krech, Partner